What are the best digital currencies for investment in the medium and long term? The question may seem easy, but the answer to it will not be easy. The preference for the process in terms of investment depends on several criteria, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Now the question is: What are the best digital currencies to invest in the long term?

In my experience in January 2019, I bought Bitcoin at levels of $ 3500 to be sure that the currency will reach more than half of the value. This is 1.57 at 5500 I sold, and my investment here was a medium-term investment, not a long-term one.

A long-term investor in digital currencies is someone who buys to sell at higher prices after years and has a target of base X5 of capital and more.

Please do not put all eggs in a basket: I mean, do not invest in one digital currency only, but instead, type your investment options between more than one digital currency

Note: If you enter a stock in the traditional stock market for $ 100 and it drops to 50, you can buy it for 50 for the same amount or twice the amount you own in the past. You have adjusted the average purchase, and the adjustment here is essential that most stock market traders deal with, and you must do the same behavior.

Best Digital Currencies

What do I mean by the previous idea? Let’s suppose that I bought 10 Ethereum for $ 500 = $ 5000 and decreased in 2019 and reached $ 80 and I had an amount of $ 4000 and decided to buy Ethereum in the total amount until the average is fairer, and I purchased 50 Ethereum for $ 4000 for 80

How to calculate the arithmetic mean in the previous case?

You can figure it in the following way = the cost of all currencies / dividing the sum of the currencies, and according to the previous example, the equation will be as follows

$ 9000 / division of 60 Ethereum = $ 150, meaning that the average purchase of Ethereum after the amendment is 150, and because Ethereum is now for 160, the rate of profit from the modified investment is $ 500.

What do you think now? Isn’t the adjustment with each drop the best solution to deal with significant declines in digital currencies and even stocks.

Before you think of investing in digital currencies, you must study the average well to save yourself from losses and reduce your waiting time.

Best Digital Currencies – Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the beating heart of digital currencies and the digital currency market. Still, the entire market is based on the idea of ​​the Bitcoin blockchain currency, and most currencies are influenced by the concept of ​​the revolutionary Bitcoin currency. This is the first currency that deserves to be acquired as a medium to long-term investment, and you must read the average adjustment lesson above so that you know how to deal with No dips.

Bitcoin will become daily like gold; its value is scarce and not because it is a money transfer currency between people and platforms. According to many experiences, Bitcoin is slow in network assertions. I usually advise anyone who wants to transfer his money from a platform to his platform to use Ethereum or Ripple currency and not Bitcoin.

Best Digital Currencies – Ethereum

It is one of the oldest digital currencies and the second after Bitcoin, and did you know that most digital currencies depend on the Ethereum blockchain, whose symbol is ETH. We are not talking about a marginal currency, but a major currency on which the digital currency market depends.

Best Digital Currencies – Ripple (XRP)

Despite its large number, this currency is characterized by great activity and targets the money sector and banks. Many have heard about Saudi banks that used Ripple currency systems, and perhaps in the future, an expansion will be made to use this currency.

Best Digital Currencies – EOS

This currency started on the Ethereum blockchain and then launched its network on the currency. There are significant criticisms about the mechanism of mining the eos coin as it makes the currency centralized and controllable, but in general, the currency is a successful project.

Best Digital Currencies – BNB

It is a digital currency that follows the Binance platform, but why do I put it on the list of the best digital currencies to invest in? First, because it follows the most prominent digital currency platform, which is the Binance platform, secondly because the currency is widely used in other external projects other than the platform and the fact that the platform uses the currency to make discounts.

Bitcoin Cash

It is a split or hard fork process from the base Bitcoin currency, and the split occurred in August 2017, and I remember in that period. The digital currencies market was active in trading volumes, and Bitcoin rose because traders knew that they could get Bitcoin Cash once they own Bitcoin when the Hardfork occurs. This was the first HardFork operation from Bitcoin, and after it happened, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Diamond, all of which failed to achieve their goals except for Bitcoin Cash

The reason is that Bitcoin Cash is highly supported and has a community that made Bitcoin hostility a fundamental feature for them, headed by Roger Ver, who stands behind the split process, in addition to owning the bitcoin domain. Com is also bitmain, the largest mining hardware manufacturer, and still supports the currency.


It is a digital currency that started through the Ethereum blockchain but soon became independent and launched its network. It is a currency that also has a future, and the daily trading volumes are enormous.


It is an ancient, decentralized currency that relies on masking the identity of the sender and the receiver

I tried to review the most important digital currencies you can invest in as a medium and long-term investment and not speculation. It is possible to buy Ethereum now for 160 and reach $ 120, so be careful when investing in digital currencies. The amount you allocate to investing is an amount you can lose and not Umar’s mischief. Imagine if someone invested in Bitcoin when it was 18 thousand dollars would be failing to his confusion of life now.

Be careful and study your electronic currency that you want to invest in well, and make your decision after a great deal of research.


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