Knowing the current events in your favorite digital currency is one of the keys to achieving success as an investor or trader. Thanks to your knowledge of this news up-to-date, you can anticipate events and outperform others, mainly since most of the expectations regarding the value of these currencies, whether they rise or fall, are formed after the spread of bad or good news about cryptocurrency apps .

This article shows you the best platforms for people who own smartphones to get news about Bitcoin and alternative currencies, taken from the most reliable sources. This will save you the effort and time you might spend visiting multiple sources to follow the latest news.

These cryptocurrency apps that combine all kinds of news are all you need to make the right decisions and invest in cryptocurrencies in 2021.

1 – Cryptocurrency apps – Evo Stoyanov app

Are you looking for a source to track changes in your digital currency price, help you see real-time news, and constantly monitor your portfolio’s value? This Cryptocurrency app might be your best choice.

The app is easy to use, while the display allows you to switch between its three parts seamlessly. There is a list of cryptocurrency prices and their arrangement according to their market value in the market section. The wallet section is probably the most user-friendly on the market.

All you have to do is enter your currency’s name and the number of units you own, then let the app do the rest. The application also takes care of updating prices according to the market and informs you of changes in the value of what you own at every moment. The news section presents current developments taken from the best sources of cryptocurrency news worldwide, such as CryptoCoin News, CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph, and Yuz the Bitcoin. This application can be downloaded for free through the official Google apps store plus paying additional fees after downloading.

2 – Cryptocurrency apps – All Crypto News

All Crypto News is another excellent app for getting all cryptocurrency news from one source. With the All Crypto News app, you will have the privilege of choosing the sites you want to receive cryptocurrency news.

All Crypto News app tracks currency rates in USD and EUR. You won’t need to remember every website you visit, as this single app will help you interact with market fluctuations and make decisions as quickly as possible.

3- Cryptocurrency apps – News and Tips

Among the other simple to use apps, we find Cryptocurrency News and Tips aimed at Android phones. This application is a pioneer in transmitting new news and gathering them all in one place.

This application displays the best sources of cryptocurrency news, as it provides more than 30 distinct sources to enable you to follow what is happening with each unit of the currency. With the Cryptocurrency News and Tips app, you also have the option to pursue an ICO as it happens. This type of news may be very beneficial to those who prefer to invest in new currencies when their value is low, i.e. in the initial offering stage.

4- Cryptocurrency apps –  Crypto Crunch

CryptoCrunch is very popular with smartphone apps. It has received a very high rating on the Google Play Store. This application provides users with new news as they happen and instant news updates for digital currencies, currency price fluctuations, and the best analysis of the state of the digital currency market, based on the opinions of the most prominent experts in this sector.

Mostly, this app is helpful for investors and cryptocurrency exchanges alike, as it provides them with news every day using the best sources so that they avoid common and dangerous mistakes. They also enable them to see other users’ actual experiences so that they can benefit from them.

Suppose you are looking for a source for all the information and news about the cryptocurrency market, about bitcoin and other alternative currencies. In that case, Crypto Crunch is one of the best options.

5 – Cryptocurrency apps – Bitcoin News and Cryptocurrency News

This application provides you with the latest news in the world of digital currencies, as it collects information from various sources to provide you with everything new about Bitcoin and the rest of the alternative currencies in one place. This application contains all the news offered by cryptocurrency platforms and summarizes the most important developments to enable you to read it quickly. It also separates the news that you have previously seen from the information you have not read yet so that you do not get confused or waste your time reading the same news.

6 – Cryptocurrency apps – Kryptonomy Crypto Tracker

This application brings together for the benefit of users everything they need to know about the world of cryptocurrencies. You can get the information you want, such as news, access discussion forums, or an appropriate explanation of how to invest in this field. This application’s design is fantastic, while it can be quickly understood and mastered by new users.

If you are looking for a place to find all you need about cryptocurrencies, this app is what you need.

7- Recrypto Coin News and Events

RecryptoCoin News is a cryptocurrency app that provides you with the latest developments from a wide variety of news platforms. It also publishes updates on Twitter for those interested in this field. Besides news, you can also see charts of price fluctuations of various cryptocurrencies and all the details of ICOs.

To follow all news and resources worldwide and get all analysis in one place, you can download this application.

8 – Crypto Fisher

The Crypto Fisher app is characterized by a large cryptocurrency news display organization, as it collects all news and categorizes them according to the type of currency they are related to. Therefore, if you want to know the latest developments in Bitcoin, you can get it in detail and one place.

This app is simple to use, does not burden a mobile processor, and is easy to understand for beginners. It also has alerts, as it sends users continuous notifications when important news is published.

This app provides users with instant information by publishing news from the most prominent cryptocurrency and bitcoin news sources.

9 – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News provides the latest news about the world of cryptocurrencies. It identifies the stories that are of great interest and interest and chooses for its users only what interests them. It also provides detailed news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zecash, depending on what users want.

This application makes continuous updates from reliable sources such as Bitcoin, Coin News Asia, and Coin Telegraph. The latest update for this app allows automatic updates to be paused when the battery is running low.

The Bitcoin News app is another excellent option for those considering a source where all of the cryptocurrency news is available to follow on their phones.

10 – Cryptocurrency Market Data

Another recommended option for users is the Cryptocurrency Market Data app. One of the most prominent features of this application is its ability to monitor market prices in an up-to-date manner. This feature is handy for those who trade in digital currencies daily, especially those who are about to enter this field. The application also alerts users when the price of a particular currency exceeds the ceiling set by the user himself.

In addition to all this, through this application, you can get the basic features of news aggregators, where you get the opportunity to follow developments derived from the most major cryptocurrency sites, which are collected and displayed in real-time.

With this app, you can follow your favorite currency and see its performance and fluctuations over time


Thanks to these Cryptocurrency apps that offer additional and new features, decision-making and investment in the field of digital currencies have become less risky than ever before. Users can follow the news, see prices, and even communicate with the rest of those interested in digital currencies, all in one application.

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