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500pips.net Review 2021 – 500pips Safe or scam broker?


Read our 500pips review carefully to see why we DO recommend this broker for crypto trading and why 500Pips is NOT a scam. Just to clear doubts, this is a 500pips.net review.

Since the advent of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, more people have been looking to join the bandwagon through brokers like 500Pips and even with the news of how volatile the cryptocurrency market is. Any individual looking to break into one of the financial markets must make use of a broker. This is why we are writing this 500Pips review today.

However, since each individual has specific needs and various financial goals, they look to get a trading platform that caters to all of their trading and financial needs while also offering various tools to help give a delightful trading experience. If you’re a newbie in the financial market, then you need to know how the market operates.

Review outline

Bringing in cash online is such a simple assignment for financial specialists who comprehend what to do. We realize that endless individuals don’t have inside and out information about the digital money market, and this makes it hard to contribute and acquire. We trust that this audit will enable our crowd to distinguish the incentive and begin acquiring more cash every day from the cryptographic money market.

For this review, my team created a roadmap to ensure that we test all the features of 500pips. All the tests were done in real-time, and the test results were reviewed by different groups to ensure that no error was made. We identified the key features of 500pips, which were tested and the results recorded.

Moreover, we checked the testimonials over google, It seems everyone who has invested in the crypto market with 500Pips is making a daily profit. This is the type of experience we want our audience to have.

Innovative trading platform

The trading platform available to you is very crucial because it determines whether or not you will find your trading experience pleasant. If a trading platform is not developed properly, your user experience becomes awful, causing you a lot of trouble and headaches.

The platform is the main gateway to the markets and 500Pips pays close attention to it. As a web-based software, it is fast, easy to access, and flexible on any type of device (desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet) allowing full access to the markets from any location.

So irrespective of you being a newbie or a skilled trader, you will be able to navigate the platform just fine, adjusting to the platform instantly.

500pips trading platform

Security protocols

Given the frequency cyber attacks carried out by hackers nowadays, one of the primary concerns traders have is the security measures established by trading platforms. Each day bears the news of some type of scam or hacks transpiring and as such traders and investors are more security conscious and skeptical of sharing personal information without knowing whether it’s safe or not.

500Pips makes use of the 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for securing client’s personal information from various hacks. Furthermore, they also make use of separate accounts to store the client’s funds. This implies that there are no mix-ups of any kind in the company’s accounts.

500pips also undertakes the international security policies of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer), which are developed to offer extra security and prevent unauthorized persons and hackers from the platform.

Payment and withdrawal methods at 500pips

The primary reason why traders (both newbies and experienced) venture into the cryptocurrency market is to make a profit. And this is done through buying and selling cryptocurrencies while looking to earn a high-profit margin. For this obvious reason, cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies must be deposited or withdrawn from trading accounts. A decent and reliable cryptocurrency exchange must then provide various methods to withdraw and deposit funds into trading accounts.

500pips offers simple and straightforward payment and withdrawal methods most especially suitable for beginners. Both deposits and withdrawals can be done through Bitcoin, PayPal, credit card, and WIRE transfers.

Having PayPal as a payment method have given 500pips more edge.

To start trading with 500pips, traders must make a minimum deposit of €250 if they will be operating the basic account. The amount of minimum deposit continues to grow depending on the account type that the trader is willing to operate.

As a newbie, it is advisable you start small and go for the Basic Account and then gradually upgrade your account as you make more profits.

Making a withdrawal is a little bit complicated, as they are being safe and protecting your funds from being stolen. In order to make a withdrawal, you will be asked to provide proof of address, and personal ID by 500pips. Only after providing these will your withdrawal be approved.

500pips.net Payment methods

500pips Education Center

The broker’s website contains a selection of educational resources to help improve traders’ trading skills and knowledge. This include Video Courses, eBooks, Webinars, FAQ sections, and a Trading Glossary that contains a range of trading terms along with detailed explanations.

Customer support

Support is a crucial attribute investors, and traders are on the look for in choosing a trading platform. Circumstances arise, and the need to contact your broker becomes necessary. 500PIPS has done a wonderful job in this aspect. You can find the FAQ section to check if it can provide answers to your immediate questions and if not, there are additional channels that you can get in touch with a representative. You can put a call through, use the live chat, send an email stating your complaint, or complete an online contact form.

Tips for new users

Always start small

Always begin with the basic account of €250. Test the water, if you like it invest more.

Trade daily

Never pass up on the chance to bring in cash from the cryptographic money market day by day.

Follow market trends

Discover patterns and conversations via online media to know the most recent data and happenings in the crypto market.

Withdraw your profits

In the wake of gaining, pull back your benefit and reinvest the money.

Make sure you leave reviews about 500pips

If you are among the people who have already used the 500pips services, it would be appropriate to share your thoughts.

Final Thoughts

This review has brought to light how impressive is 500pips. Even though they just started in 2018 when compared to other platforms in the market, they’ve made such an incredible decent impact. They offer various features that are valuable to both novice and expert investors. The training guide made available at the educational center is also quite impressive at giving insight into the Cryptocurrency, CFD, and Forex market.

The features and services they offer have been able to pull lots of traders to their exchange platform while seeing significant growth in their trading volume. The final decision on whether or not to choose 500PIPS, of course, is yours. However, before you make that decision, I recommend you visit their website and see for yourself the various features and services made available to traders and investors.


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