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Meet Coinbase Cryptocurrency Platform


The Coinbase platform is one of the most famous and safe platforms for electronic digital currencies. This platform provides a high degree of security that makes digital trading currencies and making all transactions on them, whether selling, buying, or even keeping them, smoothly and efficiently without the need to suffer from data loss or steal money.

Coinbase is indispensable, especially if you intend to trade in the electronic currency market, enter this world, and conclude various financial transactions on it. The following report is a set of the most prominent details related to that platform.

What is Coinbase?

It is an electronic platform available on the web and the mobile phone as an electronic application to provide smooth handling.

The platform specializes in electronic digital currencies, as it is a secure wallet for a large number of various digital currencies. Not only this but also allows its users to conduct electronic financial transactions through it, where users of that wallet can sell or buy digital currencies seamlessly, in addition to receiving, Sending cryptocurrencies, as well as keeping them, are all in encrypted processes to ensure the privacy and security of users.

Coinbase History

The company started its work in 2012 to enable anyone worldwide, regardless of their location, to securely and easily access the Bitcoin currency. This is because cryptocurrencies, in general, are the open financial future around the world.

The company has developed over time, especially with the many advantages it offers to customers, which made it a source of trust for many customers worldwide.

At the moment, the application includes more than 35 million users distributed in more than 100 countries in the world, who rely on it to buy, sell, store, use, and earn cryptocurrencies, with a trading volume of more than 320 billion US dollars, including 25 million US dollars on the platform. A thousand employees manage it.

What are the advantages of the platform?

The platform offers several advantages that attract cryptocurrency holders to deal with it, the most important of which are the following.

  • Complete safety.
  • Receiving and sending money.
  • Buying and selling digital currencies.
  • Holding a large number of digital currencies.
  • Low commissions.
  • Ease of use.
  • Knowledge and information.
  • Technical support.

Complete safety

The Coinbase platform provides its clients with a high degree of security, which is a necessary thing for electronic wallets of digital currencies. Security prevents hacker attacks that can seize the accounts and the money they contain.

Coinbase – Receive and send money

In general, the platform offers its users the ability to send and receive money from anywhere in the world, even for countries that do not accept dealing with digital currencies, as residents in such countries will be able to send or receive various digital currencies from anywhere in the world, and keep them inside that e-wallet until it is used again.

Buying and selling digital currencies

In contrast to sending and receiving money on a personal level between accounts, and each other, Coinbase can allow you to sell your cryptocurrencies and buy others, making it more like a marketplace but a miniature one.

Note / (This feature is not available for countries that prohibit the circulation of digital currencies within them, but with the approval of those countries for digital currencies, the application can be updated, and this feature is allowed again in those countries, it is related to the country itself)

Coinbase – Hold a large number of digital currencies

The Coinbase contains a large number of various digital transactions, and from time to time, the addition of several other different digital currencies is studied and indeed, over the past periods of work of the application, new digital currencies were added, and this creates a diversity that suits all budgets and desires.

Low commissions

The platform does not impose any financial fees on the transactions that occur through it; for example, no fees are assessed when sending and receiving money by e-mail. There were also no fees in the past, but currently, there is a 0.25% fee when withdrawing liquidity from the order book.

Ease of use

The Coinbase application does not require any complicated procedures to sign up for it; the registration is as straightforward as registering any electronic account on the Internet.

Not only that, but the application also has a smooth interface in dealing with which you do not need to have much technical experience. Through some simple icons, you can move within the application smoothly, quickly, and receive and send money between electronic wallets, friends, and merchants and selling and buying. Cryptocurrency seamlessly around the world.

Coinbase – Knowledge

Coinbase does not provide trading services only, but also provides information services, as it provides on its platform the latest and newest news related to the cryptocurrency market first, and thus keeps you present in the market constantly and informed of the latest developments in this market, and this will undoubtedly help you make selling decisions And buy cryptocurrencies accurately based on your analysis of that news.

Technical support

The platform offers an excellent customer support service that enables those on board to find help when they need it through direct contact with the management and live chatting with them. There is also a section for questions and answers that contain many solutions to many questions that may come to mind to the user.

In the end, the Coinbase platform aims to create an open financial system around the world, as it aspires to be the leading global brand that works to help people convert digital currencies into their local currency and other currencies. What makes them trustworthy is the degree of security and backup they provide to customers.


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