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Why Crypto Weakness Could Extend Into 2022


The recent DARPA report highlights many risks for the cryptocurrency industry. A recent attack on the Blizz Finance protocol used near-worthless luna to manipulate its price data. The attack was not confined to Blizz Finance, however. Similar attacks were recently conducted against the Venus protocol. This study has been a source of concern for cryptocurrency investors, but the researchers emphasized that they are only one of many factors that could affect the crypto industry.

Unlike previous dips, a cryptocurrency market crash is rarely the result of a single event. While Elon Musk’s Twitter activity is a rare exception, the crypto market has been falling for weeks now. In fact, market sentiment indicates that we are in for a notable crypto winter. Several factors contributed to this trend, including lack of liquidity, uncertainty surrounding regulation, and a massive fall in the price of the crypto Terra (LUNA).

While cryptocurrencies are beneficial to consumers, governments must be careful to protect consumers. The anonymity and portability of cryptocurrencies make them appealing to bad actors, including terrorist groups and rogue states. There is also uncertainty about the regulatory treatment of emerging financial technologies, and mining for cryptocurrencies requires massive amounts of electricity. The process could have adverse effects on the environment. Additionally, the rising number of digital currencies like DeFi raises concerns about consumer protection and the ability of central banks to carry out monetary policy.


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